Within this Hamsters section you can find all you ever wanted to know about hamsters including information about hamster species, the different types of pet hamsters and hamsters as pets, advice on buying a hamster, caring for hamsters, showing hamsters and breeding hamsters. However, Robos tend to be more energetic than other dwarf hamsters. All independent feeding and drinking on there own £10 each Age Age: 4 weeks; Ready to leave Ready to … If you contact me, I can send your email to their owner. Possums are flexible and adapt easily to various habitats. 9 months), alongside a male Syrian (separate cages). Find hamsters for sale at your local PetSmart … the first syrian hamsters we acquired were from Towyvale hamstrey. The breeding season of the European Hamster lasts from April to August. Hamsters have to be collected in person as I cannot ship my hamsters'. Small Angels Rescue has rescued more than 1,000 hamsters since it was founded in 2003. we bought them off the sales table at the Thame county show in April 2008 they are the little beauties who made us fall in love with species. See more ideas about hamster cages, hamster, cool hamster cages. The National Hamster Council is dedicated to encouraging the keeping, breeding and exhibition of all species of hamster to a required standard. See all hamsters for sale at Petco. Syrian hamsters are hardy creatures that come from the semi-desert region of Syria. As with most dwarf hamsters, Robos are very quick. Rodents , Hamster and hamster cage 2x hamster wheels, hamster toys and ladder obstacle course feeding bowl and water bottle. 99 (£39.99/count) Small amounts of fresh fruits or vegetables can be given but not more than twice a week. Long-Haired Hamster. Arrived on 3rd May (aprox. Alice. There are many types of names to choose from. Ready to leave now. The hamsters' friendly and inquisitive nature cute appearance, and their adaptability have placed them among the most popular and most common sought after favorite small pet. These babies will be offered for sale in a few weeks and, no, we are not getting a second capybara! As there are no other ethical hamster breeders in the Northwest, our foundation hamsters have been individually chosen from the best breeders around the world, then flown in to add to our bloodlines. From hamsters, gerbils, mice and more, we'll help you find the perfect little friend to welcome into your home. If you're interested in a pup from a certain hamster and you don't see any available , please feel free to contact me to see if any future breedings are planned. A commercial hamster mix is a good basis for your pet’s diet. As a breeder of Syrian hamsters I have the occasional litter of baby Syrian hamsters for sale. Hamsters hoard food in their beds, so do not give them too many green vegetables because they will rot. Female European Hamsters reach sexual maturity at approximately 2-3 months of age and males at 2 months of age. Do Not feed your Hamsters Lettuce or Avacadoes, which can be harmful. Little Bears Hamster Rescue. Hamster adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Hamster a second chance and caring environment. If there is a hamster pictured below that you're interested in, please contact me and I will let you know when it will become available for a free adoption. 49 (£0.53/l) KIZZYEA Talking Hamster - Repeats What You Say - 2 Pack Interactive Stuffed Plush Animal Talking Toy - Fun Gift for 2,3 Year Old Girls, Baby, Kids, Toddlers 4.1 out of 5 stars 803 $24.98 $ 24 . Remove all uneaten food every day. We offer competitive pricing and discounts for pet stores in addition to specials and new product offerings throughout the month. Different colour and coat variations are available for sale. $45.00. Although pet hamsters can survive on a diet of exclusively commercial hamster food, other items, such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts, can be given. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Super Absorbent Paper Bedding for Cages, Hamster, Gerbil, Mice, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, 12.3 Litre, White 4.5 out of 5 stars 13,300 £6.49 £ 6 . I've had her for about a year, she's shy but she'll take treats from your hand! everyone loves treats! I do breed regularly, so will have baby Hamsters available, please check the Babies For Sale page to see what I currently have available, or check our Planned Litters to see what is in the pipeline! Can be delivered but £5 off if collected From our address at SA31 3EP, or we can delivered up to 15 mile radius of our address.All in good health, and have been checked and handled frequently. We have 2 Gorgeous baby boys and 2 baby girls, All ready to leave £10 each, with additional made up cage for £20 extra if wanted. Buy & Sell on Ireland's Largest Small Furries Marketplace. Banish boredom with colourful hamster toys from this collection. Bunny and supplies need, NEEDS HOME ASAP. Please read our adoption policies before applying to adopt. All clubs have information about exhibitor/breeders in their Club on their websites. The Southern Hamster Club expects all of our members to abide by the National Hamster Council’s Codes of Practice. If the hamsters are 12 to 14 days old, they will have a much easier time surviving. Roborovski Hamsters are a species of dwarf hamster also known as Robos. A cute name such as “Tiny” will be a perfect fit for a very tiny hamster or ‘Ginger’ might be good for a golden coloured hamster. Opossum. They can be found in woods, open fields, swampy areas, and near streams. Djungarian hamsters come in a few different fancy variations & colors. Drawf hamster for sale. Take care of the babies if the mother hamster has died. I am a breeder of Syrian Hamsters based in Tonbridge, Kent, UK and my aim is to produce happy, healthy and friendly hamsters to make excellent pets. Want a Cuddly Pet Baby Parrot? If you want your hamster’s name to mean anything then you should only name him or her once and encourage everyone in the household to use that name. Bountiful, UT. Djungarian Hamsters, or DJ's, are a type of dwarf hamster. All Syrian hamsters living in captivity today are descendants of a single female and her twelve babies, captured in Syria in 1930. the children named them Tufty and Fluffy, so it was only fair that we named our hamstrey after them:). Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Hamster. Hamsters are omnivores. Sometimes, baby hamsters are orphaned due to complications during the birth. One of our most memorable moments was back in January of 2010 when we were alerted to some hamsters that were part of a group of 26,000 animals seized from a Texas … Exotic Feathers is a Parrot Specialist Pet Store. Hamsters for Sale. Hamster chews, toys, and playthings are important for keeping your little pets engaged and happy in their home. Hamsters are robust little creatures and a well bred healthy hamster that is brought into your home should remain that way and require very little veterinary attention. Since starting last year we have rescued over 30 hamsters, of which some have gone to their forever homes, whilst others remained here as family pets. Our hamsters have been regularly handled and go home litter box trained, with a pedigree certificate, life-long support and a gift bag of items we feel will help with the transition. Hamsters also like small pieces of fruit and vegetables, like a slice of apple or a small sprig of cauliflower. $70.00. I have a 7 month old Male bunny grey fur and super soft and cuddly. - 235603 These are the smallest of the dwarf hamster species, staying at or less than a third of the size of a Syrian hamster, and are much more active. The National Hamster Council receives many enquiries from individuals who are looking to find hamster breeders in their area and you can find information on breeders through your regional hamster club, either Northern, Midland or Southern Hamster Club. All Syrian hamsters that are pets in the United States are captive bred. We ship! Jun 18, 2019 - Explore Suzanne Rus's board "Cool hamster cages" on Pinterest. Old Price $14.99 Small Animal Pets Choose from variety of small pets for sale. Only Top Quality Parrots & Supplies. supplies com. Welcome to the website of The National Hamster Council. PLEASE read the FACute and the post on When Capybaras Bite before considering getting a pet capybara. Freeads.co.uk: Find Hamsters for sale UK at the UK's largest independent free classifieds site. Breeders listed on this page may not always have baby hamsters available for rehoming throughout the year and many operate a waiting list system but individual breeders will be able to advise you further on their rehoming policies. Pet Small Animals for Sale is your go to store for online sales of small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils and other small critters. 98 Male Russian Dwarf Hamsters like to run and play at night and sleep during the day, so they may be active and noisy after dark. Layton, UT. Discover All Small Furries For Sale in Ireland on DoneDeal. For shelter, they use tree cavities, brush piles, the dens of other animals, and even attics, sheds, and garages. Not only do we hope to better the lives of the small pets that come into our care, but also, many others by campaigning for their welfare, such as working towards banning the sale of fluffy bedding and advising people on larger cage sizes. Large Hamster Cage DIY Habitat 20‘’x12''x15'' With Complete Tunnel Tube Module Toys for Gerbil Mouse Dwarf Mice(Green) 4.0 out of 5 stars 296 £39.99 £ 39 . From tunnels and ladders to exercise balls and wheels, there’s plenty in here to keep even the most energetic hamsters interested. Very Friendly Exotic Parrots For Sale. For sale baby Syrian Teddy hamsters coming upto 4 weeks old. About Us Hamsters > Boarding Contact Hamsters For Adoption . The European Hamster's diet consists of grains, lentils, roots, plants, insect larvae, baby ground nesting birds, small mice, reptiles and amphibians. There are some hamsters for adoption please take a look at Adoptions. Place a heating pad on the lowest setting under the cage to make up for the lack of body heat in their mother's absence.