The choice of colours and combinations is truly staggering, ranging from the soft and subdued to the bold and brash, so there is a pansy to suit us all. There's a pansy for every palette. Pansy Trailing Freefall Purple Wing (Autumn & Winter Flowering) | Tray of 40 Plug Plants £9.99 (18) Pansy Trailing Freefall Purple Wing is a vigorous spreading habit pansy with masses of yellow and purple medium sized blooms, making it the perfect pansy for you Autumn/Winter hanging basket. 62 sold. Pansies are best sown during late winter or early spring for summer bloom or during late summer for spring bloom. For EU countries please add £3.50 for seeds and sundries. In garden centres, or when ordering seed for next season from catalogues, names to look out for amongst violas include 'Sorbet' (24 colours and … For winter flowering pansies, plant the pansy plug plants out from mid-September to … The name ‘pansy’ comes from the French ‘pensée’ meaning ‘thought’. Visit Van Meuwen today and discover quality pansies and violas at amazingly low prices. Unwins Winter Flowering Mix Pansy Seeds added to "My Project List". Height 20-25cm (8-10). Pansy Trailing Freefall Purple Wing is a vigorous spreading habit pansy with masses of yellow and purple medium sized blooms, making it the perfect pansy for you Autumn/Winter hanging basket. Posts to: United Kingdom | … Unfortunately we are unable to send potatoes, and plants outside of the UK . 22°C. £3.50 for seeds and sundries. Spring sowing as above, if seeds have not germinated in 2-4 weeks cold stratify. Fill a pot with 90% compost 10% sand. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. See the seed packet for details of other times of the year you can sow the seeds. Go to My Project List Continue Shopping You are not logged in to save your list permanently. ... BUY 2 GET 1 FREE 1600 seeds Winter Flowering Pansy Viola mix+4"FREE PLANT LABEL. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pansy seeds at the best online prices at eBay! In zones 8 and warmer, time seeding so you can plant pansies in the fall once the weather cools. When your seed tray and compost is ready, it’s now time to sow the pansy flower seeds! Maintain pansy seeds in complete darkness for germination then place beneath fluorescent grow lights for 16 hours per day with 8 hours of darkness. Autumn sow under glass. £12.95 for potatoes and fruit plants . And one of them is the winter-flowering pansy. They flower throughout the winter when little else is around and are great for using in beds, borders and containers. Sow 2mm deep and cover lightly with soil. HB/HP – Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial. The seeds are very tiny so you need to handle them with care. Order Pansy Seed, Flower seeds online now. £0.64 postage. Free delivery for many products! Popular Categories. Cultivation Advice Pansy Winter Flowering Hiemalis Mixed. A packet of pansy seeds; A seed tray or pot; Compost; A polythene bag; Larger pots; A hand trowel; Gardening gloves; How to grow. Pansy Seeds Swiss Giants Mixed by Mr Fothergills FREE UK DELIVERY Flower Seeds. Pansy and viola plants will brighten your beds, borders, containers and baskets, and some can even be used to add a splash of colour to winter bedding and container displays. Buy Pansy seeds easily online! Pansy Seeds. Free postage. Sow under glass in late winter for spring bedding or direct in the garden in early summer for winter colour. In spring Pansy varieties are specific for spring and summer. Flower Seeds > Pansy Seeds > Pansy (Winter) Early Flowering Mixed Flower Seeds Share this item: Pansy (Winter) Early Flowering Mixed Flower Seeds. Will flower in winter and be at their best throughout spring. Prone to powdery mildews, pansy leaf spot, virus and rust. When these seeds have produced fully grown plants they’ll create an … It boasts large flowers up to 8cm (3) across, in a wide range of colours, including plain and faced types. If seed germinates straight away transplant otherwise seed will be dormant but ready to germinate the following spring. ... Pansy Seeds Rococo Mixed by Johnsons FREE UK DELIVERY. Start pansy seeds indoors six to eight weeks before you plan to transplant them outside. For long-lasting displays from early spring until autumn, our Summer Pansies are the perfect choice. 20 seeds £3.39 Item code:22011. Plants can be used as annuals, biennials or perennials.A hardy perennial. Why not try Pansy 'Universal' Mixed in baskets, containers, window boxes and Flower Pouches™ too? 160 seeds only £ 1.99 £ 1.49. add to cart ... is part of Koeman Flowerbulbs B.V.. Sow May through to Aug at1.5mm deep in good seed compost for early spring displays. Universal winter pansies were the first real winter flowering plant to be worthy of the name, though several, types of Violas have always been food for a bit of winter cheer. The brand name of universal pansies will be withdrawn for some reason this year - 2014 - so there might be a little confusion as to what us really a winter pansy. PAYMENT Sow the seeds on the surface then you’re ready for the next step. Turn up the heat this winter with bright, bold pansies in a range of sparkling colours, some solid and some with pretty blotches. Cat no: 2006B 25 Seeds in packet. £1.35 to £1.80. Ideal temp. Sow thinly in trays of seed compost. PANSY AUTUMN BLAZE F1. Planting winter pansies in late autumn and winter will produce a great flush of spring flowers. Shop Pansy Super Winter/Spring Mixed at J Parkers. Pansy seeds are easy and rewarding to grow for either fall or early spring color. Pansy plants and violas (their smaller relatives) provide months of pleasure in your beds, borders and containers. Click & Collect. Winter flowering pansies will flower well into the late spring. Popular Name: Botanical Name: Viola x wittrockiana Plant Height: 15-20cm/6-8in Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP) Pack quantity: 75 seeds Pansies do not grow naturally in the wild and are not recommended for direct sowing. Pansy Plants Give your garden a welcome splash of winter colour with pansies. Pansies are an all-time favourite which will add a touch of charm to any garden. Sow Cool Wave Series pansy seeds indoors using a starting kit 12 – 14 weeks before the final frost. Place the seed tray on a seedling heat mat to raise the soil temperature a few degrees and improve germination rates and speed. 1 Apr, 2009; Featured on: pansies and violas What you need. Our Pansy Early Flowering Seeds produce compact and vigorous plants with bright splashes of colour. Email us or Telephone: 0333 777 3936. £2.50 ... United Kingdom . Pansy Flower Seeds 30+ Organic Easy to Grow Viola Johnny Jump Up Viola Tricolor Mixed Colors Plant for Home Garden Outdoor Yard Farm Planting 3.5 out of 5 stars 53 £5.99 £ 5 . Choose Winter Pansies for a splash of colour whilst little else is in flower. 140 seeds £2.09 Item code:11345. Frilly petalled varieties are stunning and 'Fizzy Lemonberry' is one of the best with its purple and bright yellow petals with picoted edges. Pansy Super Winter/Spring Mixed Maxi Plugs, A new dimension in winter colour. Sowings can also be made in March for a summer display. A gorgeous winter pansy plant. The Real Seed Catalogue is produced by The Real Seed Collection Ltd ~ Company No 5924934 ~ VAT No 841181938 ~ DEFRA registered Seed Merchant No 7289 ~ Our Unique Structure: Because we have no shareholders. They just take a little longer to flourish as the spring temperatures improve. Pansy plug plants are incredibly hardy and will flower throughout most times of the year. Norfolk UK, United Kingdom . Iv Purchased some Winter Pansy Seeds from Ebay & theres No Instructions on when /how to sow :/ id be so grateful for any advice given,Many Thanx Jac . Pansy Matrix Cassis | Tray of 350 Plug Plants £31.99 Available online in the UK. Black Pansy, a new colour in the Pansy Mystique range, Black Magic Improved has flowers close to [...] Height and spread: 45cm (9”). These Pansy Winter Flowering - Seeds will be wonderful located in containers, beds and borders in various of your garden. Click & Collect. When seedlings are large enoughto handle, transplant and … I adore these cheerful little flowers, which as long … Pansies and violas are easily grown from seed. SAVE 50% Was £0.99. Propagating Violas & Pansies. £3.40. Total Items: Page 1 of 1 . These popular plants often flower when other plants are dormant. Germination: Cover seed completely; 60-65°F; 8-15 days Sizes: Pack; Premium Packs; 4-6” pots Approximate Finish:14-18 weeks One of the first harbingers of spring in the North, and one of the most popular fall and winter annuals in the South, pansies prefer cooler temperatures and should be started approximately 14-16 weeks prior to transplant. The plants will flower during the fall, winter and spring before the summer heat kills them. SOW: Jan - Apr, Jul - Sep. For Rest of the World please add £10.50 for seeds and sundries. These compact plants turn winter bedding into a tapestry of living colour. Excluding light will enhance germination which usually takes 14-21 days at 19-24C. When to Plant Pansies? Availability: In stock ... Pansy (Winter) Freefall Mixed F1 Flower Seeds. Our call centre capacity is currently reduced to ensure staff safety. Pansy seeds require complete darkness to germinate, so after planting the seeds about 1/6″ deep in seeding flats, be sure to cover the seed flats with a black plastic garbage bag to block all light. Lines are currently open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. With temperatures below zero and many of us seeing snow in the UK this month, there are only a few flowers hardy and brave enough to bloom at this time of year. ... Alfalfa - Vernal Austrian Winter Peas Balansa Clover Berseem Clover Seeds Buckwheat Cover Crop Seed Cowpeas Seed Crimson Clover Seeds. The flower seed will produce Pansy flowers in about 12 weeks after sowing. Pansy (Summer) Swiss Giants Mixed Flower Seeds. PICK & MIX Quality VIOLA Grandisimo F1 GIANT PANSY Flower Seeds WINTER BEE LOVE . 99 The seeds need to be sown indoors and put in a warm place in order for them to germinate. A high quality variety that can be grown as a normal summer flowering pansy or as a winter flowering type. Sort products by: -25%. Please accept our apologies in advance should this result in your having to wait longer than normal in a call queue. Pansy Swiss Giants Alpenglow.