That means more even baking and faster preheating. I won’t ever not cook on a gas stove now. This gas range is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to cook, its very pretty, clean lines and looks great in my new kitchen. Seems built better than most appliances I've purchased over the past few years. ft. freestanding LG LRG4115ST gas range features LG's new ProBake system, which moves the heating element to the rear and adds a powerful fan. This Temperature Sensor Probe shipped with the following LG Over / Ranges: LSG4513BD/00, LSG4513ST, LSG4513ST/00, LSG5513BD, LSG5513ST This is a true LG Part! We love the blue interior oven as well. © 2020 Best Buy. Found this on a Black Friday sale and couldn’t be happier with it. One thing I didn't realize is that the stove sticks out a few inches to accommodate the gas pipes which my old oven made allowances for. Each burner has a different size flame. View and Download LG LSG5513ST owner's manual online. So I would never buy and have them hold again!!!! All the burners and oven perform as expected (haven’t used broiler or used the easy clean function yet). Oven door feels heavy & solid like ranges from the good old days! My range prior to this purchase was electric. This is 100% convection all of the time One issue was installers showed up without the screws to connect the back trim, really, two little screws on that big truck. Needed a new oven as ours had started to heat on only one side of the oven. If you are in the market for a new gas range, chances are you are looking for a range that can fit a 30’’ cutout. I am so glad I purchased this oven for my kitchen remodel. The oven doesn't get as warm as the temp says so Thanksgiving turkey was toast last week. LG LRG4115ST gas range: Warranty. Here is the website where they talk about the cheap knobs that do no cost cheap to replace LG LSG5513ST Reviews & Ratings by Customers and Consumer Reports LG LSG5513ST Range, Free Standing & Slide In, Gas Range, 30 inch Exterior Width, Self Clean, Convection, 5 Burners, Sealed Burners (Gas), 6.3 cu. Burners have functional use for cooking fast or simmering. Bought LG slide in smoothtop electric range (LSE4613ST) from Best Buy in Nov 2017 when my 12 year old Frigidaire professional gave up. The LG LSE4611ST slide-in range has a huge oven capacity and powerful burners on its cooktop. If you’re in the market for a new range, LG has a wealth of options to choose from. The look of this appliance is wonderful in my kitchen, but even more important is the ease of which I’m able to clean and keep it looking nice. Only wiping splatters and spills with a dish cloth leaves the surface looking smeary. $1,709.00 at Amazon LG LDE4415ST !” Ft. Self-Cleaning Slide-In Gas Range with ProBake Convection - PrintProof Black Stainless Steel. Read helpful reviews from our customers. This is the new LG 6.3 cu. I have used my oven about four times and this weekend I went to bake and it wasn’t working . The dual fuel option (gas stove top and electric oven) is accurate and quick. In-store pricing may vary. Only had this range for a few weeks but so far, so good. Prices and offers are subject to change. Yes, I would recommend it. They should have the knobs covered for atleast ten years if they made it this bad !! The summer works well. Other than that this is a great stove. The innovative 5-burner, 6.3-cu. The range we replaced was white porcelain and still in perfect working condition. Fit in to place no problem. I purchased this LG range after researching all others in this config. Love the range. ft. slide-in gas range is housed in a brilliant finish that will stand out in your kitchen. !Will never buy LG again !! Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 382 reviews. The cook top is nice so I’ll give it 2 stars for that. We’ve had this stove for a few months, love the features, only bummer is the lower tray is not a warming tray. Service guy came by and confirmed its way out of wack. Ft. Self-Cleaning Slide-In Gas Range with ProBake Convection - PrintProof Black Stainless Steel. LG 6.3 cu ft self-cleaning slide in gas range was as good as expected. © 2020 Best Buy. Very happy with this range! Also for: Lsg4513st, Lsg4513bd, Lrg5115st, Lsg5513bd. Bought a whole kitchen suite and am happy with other items but this is the worst oven I’ve ever had. We hate to hear that, but would love to be able to help. Works perfectly and has some powerful burners - especially the right front top burner, Beautiful !! I did have to pay an electrician to come in and add an outlet on wall behind stove, but it was definitely worth the trouble. LG LTG4715ST: Best smart gas range. Prices and offers are subject to change. I looked around for a while both for a gas range and fridge and am so glad I went with LG. Now it's easier to cook up some culinary perfection thanks to this 6.3 cu.ft. Of course I compare this new range to the 25 year old range it replaced. Only complaint, cooktop is hard to clean and stains at the drop of a hat. I am going to be investigating if that is normal or not when using the oven. The backsplash is very exposed. The oven went from 0 to 350 in about 4 minutes, which is great for making pizza ASAP when I plan badly - not saying how often that happend.... No one seems to know if the best buy site pics were correct or the lg site as to where the burners in the oven were correct. A range may be the single most important item you purchase for your kitchen, so it’s important to invest in one wisely. LG LSG5513ST Parts. I’m really enjoying the gas oven, love being able to quickly adjust oven temp, food cooks evenly. It doesn’t have a warming drawer and it is electric-powered. Oh well. LG also includes a five-year secondary warranty on the burners, which is longer than average in the industry. Ft. Freestanding Electric Convection Range - Stainless steel. capacity gives you more space and flexibility to cook more dishes and larger platters at the same time. Super easy to use. It was an upgrade from my 3 year old LG oven that did not have self cleaning but just that steam cleaning. I would highly recommend this stove. The lg site is. No one tests ranges like we do. To be honest, all of the ranges of this type had good and bad reviews. It came with everything needed to convert it over to propane (LP) gas. I bought this stove November 4th and received it November 10 the warranty is for a year and It is a little over a year and I called LG And they created a ticket to see if they will cover this And it takes up to 48 hours for them to let you know . It’s hard to describe, but it’s not an annoying or loud sound. It brought six quarts of water to a boil super quickly, in just under 19 minutes. LG has gotten in on the double-oven act with its LDG4315ST, a 30-inch gas range that also displays the Korean company's continued experiments into smart kitchen appliances. I would take the item with me as I’ve had good luck with doing that in the past. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. Ft. Self-Cleaning Slide-In Gas Range with ProBake Convection - PrintProof Black Stainless Steel. The awesome blue nonstick oven and the stainless cook top are a breeze to maintain. Search by Keyword(s): Description / Part # ... LG Range Oven Door Inner Window Glass 4890W1N005A: $183.07 Special Order. A greater selection of the amount of flame under my pots allows me to use the rangetop efficiently. The LG LSG5513ST slide-in gas range is one of the best performings ranges on the market. It was matter of weeding out the least unfavorable reviews and … Drop us a line on Twitter at @LGUSSupport or on Facebook so we can get more info and see what we can do. Add to Cart. I never learned how to cook because my early adulthood was spent in a marine corps barracks room. Very good range, solidly built with many features that make cooking much easier. Now the lower temp items take forever. I was a little concerned after all this time to go back to a gas range. It also features ProBake Convection for consistent results as well as EasyClean, a simple cleaning process that takes a mere 10 minutes. It lights up fine, flames look correct, but still initially have a little odor of propane. It’s a nice looking range but is a pain to keep it clean and will scratch easy the burners are nice the BTUs are perfect the oven is another pain the food will cook on one side and burn the side tha is closest to the door will not cook even with turning the food halfway the cooking period you will see burn places on your food some of the setting are pre determine and is not a good idea the convection setting is the same food will cook on one side only is kind of frustrating the range gives a smell of gas that I believe is a small leak that I can’t find the knobs where easy to removed for cleaning but now is difficult one is stuck for good and is not easy to clean as you can see.